E Komo Mai!: Welcome!

Well it is about time that I join the millions of bloggers out there after years of just thinking about it?!  So today is my first ever blog and I wanted to start by saying, welcome to my “back porch”.  Growing up in Hawaii I remember the stories from my na kupuna (elders) on our back porch in Honaunau, Hawaii.  Most of the time the stories came out in the early evening after watching the sunset over the calm Kona ocean.  So I decided to be a blogger on my virtual “back porch.”

As the name of this blog suggests, it is about the Indigenous ways of healing focusing on remedies that work and modalities that get the job done.  Some of the topics I will be discussing from time to time are: Ho’oponopono, fasting vs cleansing, nutrition, herbal medicine, and other cultural and spiritual concepts and principles.  So do sign up with my email notification so you will know when a new subject comes out.  Hopefully, each week I will be able to construct a newsletter kind of a blog so you don’t get bored.  I might even post a video clip of an interview with another Indigenous practitioner.  The sky is the limit as they say.

I would like to begin by sharing with you the introduction of my new book due out next year sometime called, “Na’auao Ola Hawaii.”  This book talks about “Ancient Hawaiian Principles of Being Well.”

Before the ipu kea (white people) arrived in Hawaii in 1776, it was a known fact that the kanaka maoli (original Hawaiians) were very healthy and very strong.  Their teeth were in perfect condition with no decay or mal-alignment and their average height was about 7 feet tall as evident with many of the bones excavated on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Not only were the original kanaka maoli healthy, but they also lived in harmony with each other on a set of islands not very large with only canoes to get them from island to island.  In fact, in the 1700’s on the peninsula in Ho’okena on the Big Island of Hawaii, there was an estimated population of 30 thousand people living in perfect harmony with each other and the environment.  They were practicing the ancient Hawaiian principles of being well and they passed this information on to a few within our Hawaiian community that would listen.  My training in this ancient wisdom of health started at the age of 6 and lomilomi was the entry point to the secrets of the ancient’s treasure chest of healing.

At the time of this writing, Hawaiians have the highest risk for most of the major diseases as it exists within America.  The following is a brief outline of some of the health problems.

  • Life expectancy is lowest of all major ethnic groups in Hawai’i – 5 yrs less than the state average.
  • Highest proportion of risk factors leading to illness & premature death:  sedentary lifestyle, obesity, hypertension, smoking, acute drinking.
  • Native Hawaiians are dying at younger ages than the general population—more than double the rate for the total population in those 25 yrs or younger.
  • Cardiovascular disease accounts for 39% of Native Hawaiian deaths.
  • For all cancers combined, Native Hawaiian males have the 3rd highest incidence rate yet the highest mortality rates.  Native Hawaiian females have the highest incidence and mortality rates in Hawai‘i.  Combined, Native Hawaiians have the highest mortality rates in Hawai‘i and second highest in the US.
  • Native Hawaiians greater than 35 yrs comprise 44% of all reported cases of diabetes in Hawai’i.

On one hand, the Hawaiian people are more susceptible to many so-called, “incurable diseases” known within the United States.  On the other hand, the answer for perfect health is right in front of them as taught and lived by our ancestors.  What happened and why aren’t they listening to the call of the ancient ones?  Is this race destined to move on to a higher realm?  Is this the next extinct species?  One thing is certain however, change is inevitable and the action for change is now!

As an instructor in the use of the Hawaiian principles of life, it is my intention to explain as simple and plain as possible for readers to follow so ideal health can be realized.

As the title of the book suggests, this book deals with ancient Hawaiian principles that have worked for generations, especially during the pre-warrior period (400-1300 AD), not modern theories or speculation.  The deeper aumakua principle for example, deals with the idea that matter, mind, consciousness, and life are all manifestations of Kumukahi (One Source).  If you accept this idea as a possibility, you will find logical conclusions from this book that may change your life forever.

The methods of thought and action described in this book have been used successfully for thousands of years before the appearance of ipukea in Hawaii.  Today, ho’oponopono, which describes part of these methods, is one of the hottest topics that people come to Hawaii to learn!

I can say that Na’auao Ola Pono works.  Wherever action is taken with these principles, it can no more fail to work than chicken soup can help the body recover from a cold & flu.  If the tissues of your body have not been destroyed beyond the tipping point where life will not recover, you can get well.  If you think and act in a pono way for your body you will get well!

For those who wish more detailed information on speeding up the process of establishing a strong foundation of being well, I recommend the 60-Day Hawaiian Cleanse & Detoxification Program or the four-day fasting program, which is available through Indigenous Botanicals (www.indigenousbotanicals.net).

If you want to be well and stay that way, you must take care of the inner workings of the body and you must give your whole mind to a pono way of thinking and living.  The Ancient Hawaiian Principles of Being Well is a complete and adequate guide to use in all your needs.  Concentrate deeply on the way of thinking and taking action (ho’o…) as described, and practice the principles as diligently as possible and you will get well.  If you are already well, you will remain so.

Trusting that you will never give up until the realization of perfect health is yours, I give thanks (mahalo) to na Kupuna (the ancient ones) for their wisdom and knowledge.


About Maka'ala

Maka'ala is a Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian ancestry) trained in Hawaiian medicine practices since the age of six. He is the founder of Indigenous Botanicals and Mana Lomi®. He enjoys traveling around the world teaching Hawaiian principles and concepts of being well. In 2005 he was awarded the "Kaonohi Award" for excellence in Hawaiian medicine and community support. He is the author of "Na'auao Ola Hawaii - Hawaiian Principles of Being Well." Maka'ala is the Ambassador-at-large and Minister of Health for the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi. His focus is "breaking the blueprint" from disease and illness and his mission is "bringing the healer back into the family."
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7 Responses to E Komo Mai!: Welcome!

  1. Mahalo Maka’ala for great article! Cant wait for more to come 🙂

  2. “Trusting that you will never give up until the realization of perfect health is yours,…”


  3. candace bastien says:

    So happy you are sharing your knowledge in this way! Mahalo!

  4. justin tomas says:

    mahalo nui for all dis MANA!!

  5. Shelly Minnick says:

    Good morning,
    Trying to email you re cleanse. It will not go thru … help! SMequine@hotmail.com

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